Clémence MK | How to brush your hair correctly – Tips for healthy hair-
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How to brush your hair correctly – Tips for healthy hair-

Hi Girls,

I’m so excited today because I’m coming to you with tips about how to brush your hair correctly. I really want to write useful advices for you not just post photos of my look but instead help you in your every day life.

I’m a physiotherapy student so for me the well being is really important. But what is the well being for me ? It’s everything that help you feel confortable with who you are, so yes having a good looking and healthy hair is for me part of the process. But again, this just my opinion.

In this post I’m gonna introduce you several good tips that will prevent your hair ends form breaking.

1. Don’t brush your hair starting from the roots, your brush will be stocked and you will tear off your hair. Instead start from your hair ends and slowly go back up to brush the rest of your hair.

2. An other tip is to wait until your hair is dry to brush your hair. Why ? Because your wet hair is gonna stick to the brush and you will pull them out very easily due to the fact that you just wash your scalp.

3.Use a comb with wide tooth (like mine in the picture) and not a classical brush, it will comb your hair without tearing it out and if you have very fine hair like I do it won’t break anymore at the ends. Trust me, this advice literally changed my hair !

4. Talking about a comb, try to wash your comb every week just to get rid of the dead cells and bacterium.

5. If your comb is very old don’t forget de replace it, an old comb can damage your hair.

6. Do a coconuts oil mask every week at least, it will nourish your hair which will allow you to brush it more easily. I will make an other post about the benefits of the coconuts oil and how you can use if you are interesting.

7. Before brushing your hair I recommend adding an hair conditionner or like I do a mix of various vegetal oils and honey. I use a mix (that I made myself) of coconuts oil, argan oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil and a little bit of organic honey. If you want a list of all the proprieties of each oils that I use not only for my hair but in general tell me in the comments and I will be happy to do it for you.

Just so you know, I order all my oils and natural ingredients on Aroma-zone or in organic shops:

I hope this post have been useful to you guys,

With Love,
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