Clémence MK | Sun cream : an essential, why ? Let’s understand !
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Sun cream : an essential, why ? Let’s understand !

Hi you guys !

I do hope you’re doing okay and your loves one as well. In this new post I thought it was important to talk to you about the best way I know to protect your skin. That must be sun cream ! Yes, as you may know the sun can really damage your skin, it can provoc burns, kill skin cells, skin cancer, skin lesion and not to forget the premature aging of the skin.

I don’t want to afraid you in any way ! I just want to inform you from the risks you may take when you expose yourself a lot of time in the sun without sun protection.

A short story

You probably don’t know that but I’m currently studding physiotherapy and a cupule weeks ago when I was in internship a lady talk to me about her life and the conversation came to her age, she was 50. You may think « okay she was 50 and so what ? » .. well she looked like she had 35, no kidding guys ! I couldn’t believe it ahah !  I, then, ask her what was her secret and she told me that she applies sun cream every morning without exception. She recommended me sun creams and so I went and bought the one you can see on the image.

Try it

I don’t know about the result yet because well you see them with time, a lot of time, but on her it was just amazing ! I strongly suggest you to wear sun cream on your face every day, not just for the aging part but also to protect your skin from any additionnel damage due to the sun !

You can find the cream I’m using there.

I really do hope you liked this post,

With love,

xoxo Clémence


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