Clémence MK | Fabrica de Hielo – Valencia –
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Fabrica de Hielo – Valencia –

Hey Guys !

I have a new super cool place in Valencia, Spain that I would like to introduce to you today: « La fabrica de Hielo« .

It’s a multicultural space where you can have a beer, a meal like for instance toast, milkshake … La fabrica de hielo is also hosting a lot of events such as concerts, cine, museum, readings, arts and yesterday when I went the place was hosting a thrifts shop as you can tell by the photos.

If you are interesting in any way, here their website were you can find all the events they organize :

La Fabrica de Hielo

This awesome place is located just in front of the beach, 5 to 10 minutes walking from the Marina Beach Club for example. Here’s a map so you can have a better idea and you can find ways to get there:

Map La Fabrica de Hielo

This is probably not the kind of place everybody knows about or that you can read about in your travel guide but if you are a fan of music, arts or cinema I highly recommend you go and have a look !

Hope you like this post,

With Love,
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