Clémence MK | Festival de la Tapa – Valencia –
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Festival de la Tapa – Valencia –

Hello guys !

Yesterday I was off to the tapa festival here in Valencia, Spain (Benimaclet in the street called reverendo Rafael Tramoyeres):

here in the map

But just to give you an idea it’s about 10 to 15 minutes of walk from the town center.

If you are ever to pass by Valencia around the end of May and beginning of June (last year it was the 31 of May and 1 of June whereas this year it was the 30 and 31 of May between 19h00 to 23h00- 00h00), you have to come eat this food which is the typical spanish food with between so much specialities ..wait for it … Paella Valenciana known as one of the best in Spain !

  • You can check out the events (every type : food, music, club, exposition…) in Valencia city in here :
EVENTIUM in  Valencia


Now how does it work ?

Well when you arrive you need to buy a ticket (like the one in my second photo) in one of the stand at the beginning of the festival, it cost 5 euros, very cheap right? With this ticket you can have ever 3 meals to eat (one meal could be a plate of paella, sushis, sandwich, tapas..) and a drink (beer, coca, pepsi, fanta, water..) or 2 meals to eat and 2 drinks. You choose !

In the ticket « consumición » means meal, « bebida » means drink and « comodin » means whatever you like.

Okay, well for one of your meal I highly recommend « la casa Clemencia« , not just because it’s my name in spanish but because their Paella Valenciana is the best I have ever eaten !

In case you are afraid that you won’t have enough to eat don’t worry, the quantities are pretty good as you will be able to see in the pictures below:

Paella Valenciana de la casa Clemencia for my first meal ! as you can see, they serve a good old plate of it.

For my second meal, I had a lot of saucisson slides and a tapa with bred, cheese and parma ham. For my drink I took a bottle of water.

And then for my last meal (I did 3 meals and one drink) I had one of this delicious pastry !

I really hope this post has been helpful to you ! See u soon in Valencia guys !

With Love,
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