Clémence MK | Little Venice – a place to visit – Presentation, where to eat and map !
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Little Venice – a place to visit – Presentation, where to eat and map !

Hello Loves,

I absolutely needed to show you this amazing place ! How pretty ? As I said before I’m studying physiotherapy in Valencia, Spain. My boyfriend and I recently discovered this little town « Port Saplaya », we love exploring, discovering new places, new restaurants and guess what ? I actually found Little Venice in Instagram, completely by  aleatory.

Port Saplaya is situated at only 10 minutes from Valencia or more specifically from where I live in Valencia. The specificity of this town is that the port is actually with in inside the city as you will be able to see in the pictures bellow. I do loves the colorful houses, I do wish one day to live in a place as beautiful as this one  !

So I strongly recommend if you are to pass by Valencia one day to just stop for 30 minutes in Port Saplaya and have a look around.

Just a little tip : I can definitely suggest you to park your car in the Auchan parking, this way you are pretty sure to have a place and you won’t lose time.

I didn’t had the time to attempt to any restaurants or coffee shop the last time I was there but I just had a look online and I found two places that I will probably go visit very soon, I will live you their Trip advisor links here :

Las torres de Ciriaco and Mauricio’s Beach

If you want to know what pieces I’m wearing here stay tuned. I will post this look very soon !

I hope you liked this post,

With love,




To give you a little help here’s how and in how many time you can go to Port Saplaya / Little Venice from Valencia center as a reference : (click below to enter you actual location)

Find your way

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